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Looking for an Online Eye Test? Download This Checklist

February 22, 2018
If you’ve recently visited your eye doctor, but your vision is still not quite right, what could you do? Or, maybe you haven’t been to an eye doctor in a while but your vision seems to be changing. Luckily, even if you can’t go to the physician that day, but are still curious about your eye health, you can download our vision checklist to […]

10 Tips for Practicing Good Eye Care All Year

February 19, 2018
Keeping your body healthy is something that we have all been taught to do, whether we do that through diet, exercise, or getting 8 hours of sleep every night. But, have you ever been taught different ways of keeping your eyes healthy? After all, your eyes are sensitive and highly specialized organs which require individual care. Here are […]

Bard Optical Has Eyeglass Lenses for Every Need

February 15, 2018
Many people think that all eyeglass lenses are equal. We just use them to see, and there isn’t much difference between your lenses and your grandmother’s bifocals. However, there’s a world of differences between each and every pair of lenses. They can be made of different material, have different properties, and perform different functions. […]

5 Unexpected Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

February 12, 2018
Having a comprehensive eye exam annually is recommended by most doctors to check up on your vision and eye health. It can help determine whether or not your vision has changed, and if you will be needing a prescription. However, having a comprehensive eye exam regularly has a few other benefits! Here are five of the advantages of getting […]

If You Can't See Out of One Eye, Seek Help Now

February 08, 2018
We are born with two eyes for a reason—they do the optimal job of helping us see clearly and widely. Most of us are fortunate to maintain vision in both eyes throughout our lifetime, but sometimes this isn’t the case. If you have been having trouble seeing out of one eye, you need to seek medical attention immediately. Here's why you need […]

4 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Vision Health

February 05, 2018
Winter can be an especially brutal time of year, not only for our skin and body, but more specifically our eyes. You may have noticed that your vision isn’t as sharp as it usually is in the winter, or you may experience more frequent minor health problems (such as headaches). The cold can affect our vision health, too! Here are four of the […]

Looking For New Designer Glasses? Bard Optical Has The Best Selection

February 01, 2018
New year, new frames! Have you been on the hunt for a new pair? You are as unique as each other person you know, so your glasses should be able to reflect that, and also be stylish! It can be difficult to find such a pair, especially if your eye care provider has a limited selection. You don’t want to be stuck with the same frame as […]

Cold Weather Means It's Time to Put Your Designer Reading Glasses to Use

January 25, 2018
When it’s cold outside, going out is a bit more of an arduous task. Putting on layer after layer to simply step outside sometimes seems like more trouble than it is worth. It’s much easier to stay inside and find activities around the house. Your home probably doesn’t have all the attractions your town does, so finding something […]

Looking for Eye Centers in Illinois? There's a Bard Optical Near You!

January 22, 2018
No matter where you live in Illinois, there is surely a Bard Optical eye office near you! Bard has numerous eye centers across the Land of Lincoln, and if there isn’t one in your town, there is one within driving distance. Bard tries to ensure that their offices are spread throughout the state so that they can be accessed from anywhere. […]

Injuries to the Eye Can't Be Ignored: What You Can Do

January 18, 2018
You may think that a small irritation to your eye is no big deal. Maybe you’re having some minor scratching or pain when you blink or shut your eye. Generally, things like this have a simple answer, such as an eyelash stuck in your eye. However, what if your eye is still in pain for several days? Or if you take damage to the eye? How […]