Cold Weather Means It's Time to Put Your Designer Reading Glasses to Use

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January 25, 2018, by Bard Optical


When it’s cold outside, going out is a bit more of an arduous task. Putting on layer after layer to simply step outside sometimes seems like more trouble than it is worth. It’s much easier to stay inside and find activities around the house. Your home probably doesn’t have all the attractions your town does, so finding something entertaining becomes your next big task. What are you to do?

As we have expressed before, it is beneficial to take breaks from the computer and your cell phone to help avoid digital eye strain. Being around your home makes this more difficult, as you are around your TV and computer. However, there are plenty of things to do for fun, including reading. This also gives you the perfect opportunity to try out your designer reading glasses! Wintertime is the perfect time of year to pick up a new book for the holidays and start reading.

For the holidays, your family or friends may have given you a new book as a gift, which gives you the perfect reason to try out your frames. It’s an easy and fun way to spend your time at home while putting those frames to work. Or, maybe you got the frames themselves as a gift. It’s a good idea to test them and make sure the prescription is correct. If not, the staff at Bard Optical can surely help to fix the problem!

Around this time of the year, when holiday shopping is in full swing, you need to be able to do research to find the best gifts for your family and friends. Doing that is much more complicated when you have issues reading, so putting those designer frames to work is the best solution. They will of course be able to help you read, and therefore make it easier for you to find gifts for your family and friends that best suit their needs. If you’re planning on trying out a new recipe for your family get-together, your designer reading frames will also be a big help in ensuring you can read the directions.

Your new designer frames have a multitude of uses, and when you don’t want to go out for a day, they will always be there to help you for projects around the home!


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