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6 Tips for Choosing Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

March 14, 2019
While winter weather might be lingering, it's time to start considering what your next pair of sunglasses is going to look like. Shades are the perfect accessory year-round, but they're especially important when you're spending long hours outside. With warmer weather around the corner, you're likely to be spending more time outdoors in the […]

March is Save Your Vision Month: 4 Ways That You Can Celebrate

March 11, 2019
March is Save Your Vision Month! Your vision is a critical part of your overall health and wellbeing. If you neglect your eyesight, you're risking your quality of life. During the month of March, take inventory on what your current habits look like and how they can be improved. Where can you start? What's most important? What can you do to […]

Observe World Glaucoma Week by Scheduling Your Next Eye Exam

March 07, 2019
The 2019 World Glaucoma Week runs from Sunday, March 10th to Saturday, March 16th. World Glaucoma Week is an excellent time to sit and contemplate your current eye care routine, any lingering problems or warning signs, and what you can do to protect yourself from glaucoma. Are you at risk for glaucoma? What role does genetics play? Does […]

How Brain Injuries Can Affect Your Eyesight

March 04, 2019
Did you know that brain injuries contribute to roughly one-third of all injury deaths in the United States? The CDC reports that 153 people in the U.S. die every day from injuries that include traumatic brain injury (TBI).   Traumatic brain injuries are when the brain’s normal function is disrupted by a “bump, blow, or jolt.” Let’s take a […]

Spring Is Coming: Protect Your Eyes From Allergies

February 28, 2019
Spring is almost here and while that signals the return of warmer, more pleasant weather, it also means it's time to protect your eyes against ocular allergies. What can you do to protect yourself? Below, we'll cover three things you should keep in mind as the weather turns warmer and allergens come back into the picture:[…]

Red Eyes? Here's What Might Be Happening

February 25, 2019
Have you had itchy, watery eyes lately? Or, do they come about at certain times of the year? It’s possible you may have red eyes. Red eyes occur when the part of your eye that’s usually mostly white turns red or pink. That’s because the tiny blood vessels within your eye have become inflamed or dilated. In addition to the color of the eye […]

Seeing Is Believing: 4 Illinois Landmarks Worth Traveling For

February 21, 2019
We may be biased, but we believe Illinois is one of the most beautiful states in America. Illinois includes many architectural marvels and historic landmarks, but its unique natural beauty often goes overlooked. In this post, we’ll take a look at four of the most amazing locales in the Prairie State.[…]

Cry If You Want To: The Reason for Tears

February 18, 2019
We often don’t think about tears until we cry. And when we cry, the last thing we usually want to think about is why we have tears and how they work. The salty solution is important because it protects, moisturizes, and cleans our eyes.[…]

5 Ways That Bard Optical Puts The Patient First

February 14, 2019
Bard Optical believes in 'Vision For Life.' For its customers, that means a lifelong patient-doctor relationship unlike any other. When you're a patient at Bard Optical, your needs and interests come first. Bard Optical isn't a tiny fly-by-night shop. Bard Optical isn't a mega-corporation that sees patients as numbers on a spreadsheet. Bard […]

4 Types of Glasses That Will Make a Statement in 2019

February 11, 2019
You've seen it plastered across social media: 'New Year, New You.' It's a battle cry for gym memberships, fad diets, and other resolutions or goals. But, what if you learned that a major game-changer was sitting right above your nose? That's right: consider a new pair of eyeglasses this year and make a bold statement about who you are and […]