Vision For Life: 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Eye Exam Today

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December 18, 2017, by Bard Optical

VisionForLifeNextExam.jpgWhen was the last time you went to see your eye doctor? If your answer is over a year ago (or maybe you don’t remember!) then you should make an appointment to see one right away. It’s important to keep up on getting your vision examined, even if you don’t think your vision has changed. Here’s five of our top reasons why you should schedule an eye exam today!

1. It’s been a while

It’s important to keep up with doctors’ appointments, even if they don’t seem necessary. It’s in your best interest to get regular check-ups, and for your eyes, that means an annual exam. While it may seem tedious to go each year, your eyes will thank you in the long run!

2. An exam can detect underlying heath issues

Your eyes do much more for you than just see—they can tell you about other health issues you may not be aware of. For example, if your vision ever becomes blurry or you see spots at random times, it could be a warning sign of potential diabetes. Other issues like yellowing of the eyes (jaundice) can signal liver problems. It’s important to see your optometrist regularly to ensure that you are healthy in all ways, not just visually.  

3. Your vision may be changing

Have you noticed that you have to squint a little bit to read the menu at a restaurant? Or do you have to get closer to a poster before you can make out that tiny print? These are some good indications that you’re in need of an eye exam. While they may not seem like real issues in your life, they will only get worse unless you get a prescription or an update on your current one.

4. You’re about to do something out of the ordinary

If you’re about to go on vacation, start a new job, or head off to college for the first time, it’s always a good idea to get an eye exam first. You should always make sure you complete one before you do something unusual. An exam can ensure that you’re ready to make this change in your life, and do it with the best vision possible!

5. You want to update your frames/contacts

It’s necessary to see your optometrist before you get new glasses or contacts. If your prescription has changed, then having new lenses won’t do you much good since your vision will still be off. The new frames may be stylish, but it won’t matter if you can’t see out of them!

As you can tell, there are a multitude of reasons why you should regularly see your eye doctor. If you thought it was a waste of time, then hopefully these five reasons will give you a new outlook on why it’s necessary to visit annually!


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