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Are Dogs Colorblind?

What is Exotropia?

How to Read a Vision Prescription

The Connection Between Healthy Vision and Learning in Early Childhood

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Marijuana and Glaucoma: The Facts and Misconceptions

Why Retinoblastoma is More Common in Children

What Is Albinism?

What is Protanopia?

How Do Cones and Rods Work? Eye Anatomy 101

What's The Trend in 2019? The Latest Sunglasses Styles You Need to Know

What is Blepharitis?

9 Fireworks Safety Tips You Need to Follow in 2019

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Alzheimer's and Your Vision

Vision Requirements for Renewing Your Driver's License

Is Eye Care Covered By Medicaid?

4 Fun Facts About Night Vision

What is Heterochromia?

5 Potential Vision Changes During Pregnancy

What is Nystagmus?

Can Your Eyes Change Color?

Should You Wear Eye Protection While Mowing The Lawn?

Beware of Exfoliating Scrubs and These Other Eye Scratchers

8 Architectural Wonders to See in Illinois

6 Tips for Taking Care of Your Eyes While Traveling

Celebrate Healthy Vision During National Women's Health Week

4 Cataracts Symptoms to Watch For

What Is An Ocular Migraine?

What Carotenoids Are and How They Can Help Your Vision

A Quick Guide to Cleaning Your Eyeglasses

4 Signs That Your Glasses Aren't the Best Fit

Do You Know Your Family's Vision Care History?

6 Hygiene Tips for Your Eyes

Bad Habit: What Smoking Does to Your Eyesight

Consider These 7 Eye Care Tips on World Health Day, April 7th

Pay Attention to Your Eyes During World Allergy Week

Which Eye Color Is The Rarest?

Can An Optometrist Detect Diabetes?

Tired Eyes? Consider Reducing Screen Time in 2019

Give Your Eyes A Treat: 5 Scenic Overlooks in Illinois

6 Tips for Choosing Your Next Pair of Sunglasses

March is Save Your Vision Month: 4 Ways That You Can Celebrate

Observe World Glaucoma Week by Scheduling Your Next Eye Exam

How Brain Injuries Can Affect Your Eyesight

Spring Is Coming: Protect Your Eyes From Allergies

Red Eyes? Here's What Might Be Happening

Seeing Is Believing: 4 Illinois Landmarks Worth Traveling For

Cry If You Want To: The Reason for Tears

5 Ways That Bard Optical Puts The Patient First

4 Types of Glasses That Will Make a Statement in 2019

6 Things You Need to Know About Low Vision

February is Age-Related Macular Degeneration Awareness Month

What To Consider When Searching for Vision Care for Your Family

Snow Problem? How Snow and Sun Team Up to Target Your Eyes

What Determines Eye Color? 3 Eye Color Facts To Share with Friends

Diet Reset: Try These 4 Eye-Healthy Foods for Your Daily Snack

5 Signs It’s Time for a New Pair of Glasses

New Year, New Habits? 3 Bad Eye Care Habits to Kick in 2019

7 Stunning Facts for National Glaucoma Awareness Month

4 Eyecare Resolutions to Keep in 2019

How To Make Eye Exams Easier For Your Child

Exercise For Your Eyes: Reduce Your Risk for Glaucoma

5 Reasons Designer Frames Make Fantastic Holiday Gifts

How Vaping Can Damage Your Eyesight

The Connection Between Traumatic Brain Injury and Vision

It’s Almost 2019! Don’t Forget to Schedule Your Next Eye Exam

5 Ways To Keep Your Eyes Safe This New Year's Eve

These Are The 10 Worst Toys Of 2018 For Eye Health

That’s Wild! 8 Cool Facts About Animal Eyes

What is Blue Light? 3 Things You Need to Know

Bard Optical is Thankful You’ve Chosen ‘Vision For Life’

6 Activities Where Your Vision Affects Performance

Put These 5 Foods on Your Thanksgiving Table for Better Eye Health

Online Eye Exams Can’t Replace a Visit to Your Eye Doctor

What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month: Know The Facts

3 Eye Conditions That Can Be Treated, But Not Cured

Music to Your … Eyes? 3 Tours Coming to Illinois This Fall

Feast Your Eyes on These 5 Fall Sights

Fall Favorite Recipes That Are Good for Eye Health

6 Times Eye Safety Needs to Be a Top Priority

4 Things to Keep in Mind During Home Eye Safety Month

5 Spooky Facts About Eyes

Ask Your Optometrist Before Trying Colored Contacts

7 Grocery Items to Add to Your Cart Today For Good Eye Health

Look Out: These 5 Eye Conditions Are Common

Why You Should Visit Your Optometrist Before Playing Sports

10 Celebrities Known for Their Eyewear

5 Rare Eye Conditions and How They Occur

Ready for New Glasses? Bard Optical Has Frames For Everyone

3 Signs It’s Time to Change Your Contact Lenses

4 Fun Idioms About Eyes

Eyes in Culture: 4 Examples of the Significance of Sight

8 Shareable Facts About Eyes

5 Signs You Have Presbyopia

What Causes Retinal Detachment?

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Eye Exam

What is an Eye Stye?

5 Reasons to See Your Optometrist Before School Starts

Celebrate Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

Iconic Glasses in Professional Wrestling

How to Identify Pinguecula

What to Do When You Get Sand in Your Eyes

Living with Myopia: 3 Common Fixes

Add Summer Produce to Your Cart For Better Eyesight

What is Keratoconus?

4 Tips for Taking Care of Contacts in the Summer

4 Early Signs of Glaucoma

Where to Watch Fireworks in Central Illinois 2018

Eye Exam Chart or Snellen Chart? 5 Official Names for Eye Exam Tools

Are Eye Floaters Dangerous? Know the Facts

An Unofficial Ranking of Elton John's Glasses

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

What Does Chlorine Do to Your Eyes?

Protect Your Eyes: How to Avoid a Corneal Abrasion

UV Protective Glasses: 3 Options For Saving Your Eyes

4 Common Causes of Conjunctivitis

What is Amblyopia? A Quick Explainer

5 Surprising Facts About Cataracts

Age-Related Macular Degeneration: 4 Facts to Know

How Astigmatism is Detected During Eye Exams

UVA and UVB: What The Terms Mean and What They Mean For You

5 Reasons to Schedule an Eye Exam This Summer

Wear Your Swimming Goggles to Protect Your Eyes

Summer is Around the Corner! 4 Fun Facts About Sunglasses

5 Ways Allergies Can Affect Your Eyes

'Vision For Life' Means Eye Care at Every Age

What Does 2020 Vision Mean?

6 Things You Can Do Every Day for Better Vision Health

4 Contact Lens Problems and How to Fix Them

Bard Optical Has Designer Frames for Every Lifestyle

Why Bard Optical Offers More Than Most Eye Exam Places

UV Light and Eyes: Memorize These 3 Facts to Protect Yourself

Sudden Blurry Vision and 4 Other Signs You Need to See an Optometrist Now

Why a Dilated Eye Exam is Important

4 Unexpected Times You Need Eye Protection

The First 3 Things You Need to Do For an Injured Eye

4 Things to Consider When Choosing New Designer Frames

How to Take Care of Contact Lenses: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

Save Money on Eye Exam Price at Bard Optical

5 Unusual Sights to See in Illinois

Cats in Glasses and More: 10 Cute Critters in Glasses

Laser Eye Surgery Risks are Real: Try Glasses or Contacts Instead

Looking for an Online Eye Test? Download This Checklist

10 Tips for Practicing Good Eye Care All Year

Bard Optical Has Eyeglass Lenses for Every Need

5 Unexpected Benefits of a Comprehensive Eye Exam

If You Can't See Out of One Eye, Seek Help Now

4 Ways Cold Weather Can Affect Vision Health

Looking For New Designer Glasses? Bard Optical Has The Best Selection

Cold Weather Means It's Time to Put Your Designer Reading Glasses to Use

Looking for Eye Centers in Illinois? There's a Bard Optical Near You!

Injuries to the Eye Can't Be Ignored: What You Can Do

4 Causes For Sudden Blurry Vision

Eyeglass Lenses: a Brief History Lesson

Eye Exam Coupons and More: 3 Ways to Save on Vision Care

Start the New Year Right: Download our Color Blind Test For Kids

5 New Year's Resolutions to Make For Your Vision Health

4 Habits to Kick for Good Eye Care

Merry Christmas: What Family Eye Care Means to Bard Optical

Try This 1 Thing for Better Vision Health in 2018

Vision For Life: 5 Reasons to Schedule Your Next Eye Exam Today

What All Eye Exam Places Should Have in Common

Sunglasses in Winter: Why Snow and Sun Don't Mix

4 Classic Holiday Movie Characters Who Wear Prescription Eyeglasses

6 Reasons Designer Glasses Are the Perfect Gift

When Was Your Last Comprehensive Eye Exam?

Remember: Wear Your Sunglasses in the Winter

How to Take Care of Contact Lenses: a Refresher

Worried About Eye Exam Cost? There Are Ways to Save

Watch Out for Digital Eye Strain During the Fall and Winter

Eyeglass Lenses Can Do THAT? 5 Facts You Didn't Know

Don't Forget to Include These 7 Foods in Your Diet for Vision Health

4 Qualities To Look For When Choosing Designer Glasses

6 Cold Weather Sights to See in Illinois

Why Your Dry Eye is Worse in Cold Weather

Grab the Guac : How Avocados Help Your Eye Health

10 Reasons to Schedule a Vision Exam Today

Put on Your Reading Glasses and Curl up with a Good Book

Bard Optical Has the Best Selection of Designer Frames in Illinois

13 Halloween Costumes for People with Glasses

October is Contact Lens Safety Month

Why Eyeglass Lenses are Just as Important as Frames

Celebrate World Sight Day 2017

Quick Tips for Better Eye Health

4 Celebrities with Vision Health Issues

Should I Buy Glasses Online? Pros and Cons

5 Strategies For Dealing with Dry Eyes

Bring Your School Supply Donations to Bard Optical Today!

Celebrate National Eye Health Week with These 7 Vision Health Tips

Sports Eye Safety Month: Avoid Injuries to the Eye

The 9 Coolest Designer Glasses Styles For Fall

How Often Do You Need an Eye Examination?

Vision For Life: Celebrate Healthy Aging Month

8 Questions to Ask an Eye Care Professional

6 Infamous Eye Injuries in Sports

What To Look For When Choosing a Vision Care Center

Why Your Children Need an Eye Exam for School

5 Can't Miss Sights to See in Illinois

4 Important Vision Care Habits You've Been Neglecting

Are You Ready for the Total Solar Eclipse on August 21?

The Age of Digital Eye Strain: What You Can Do

Everything You Need to Know About UV Rays

10 Pairs of Daring Designer Frames to Inspire You

Contact Lens Problems? 5 Tips For Taking Care of Contacts

Join Bard Optical's School Supply Drive

10 Surprising Color Blindness Facts

EDGE Eyewear Boutique Has the Unique Frames You're Looking For

Wear Your Sports Goggles During These 6 Summer Activities

4 Vision Health Essentials for the Summer Months

Vision For Life: Eye Protection at Every Age

Dry Eyes? How to Protect Yourself This Summer

Avoid Photokeratitis: Shield Your Eyes From UV Exposure

Why Your Vision Changes During Pregnancy

Time For Fireworks! Read These Eye Safety Tips

6 Things You'll Find At The Farmer's Market For Better Vision Health

Too Much Screen Time? How to Deal with Digital Eye Strain

Celebrate National Sunglasses Day With Quality Shades!

Start this Season in Style: Sunglasses for Summer 2017

Don't Shoot Your Eye Out! 10 Fireworks Safety Tips

Sudden Blurry Vision? 7 Signs You Need to See Your Eye Doctor

Rock Your Sunglasses At These Summer Events

4 Things Your Vision Exam Can Tell You

Bard Optical Offers Advanced Eye Care Across Illinois

Nico Bellini Frames Now Available at Bard Optical

6 Reasons to Visit Your Vision Center

"Vision For Life" Starts Early

Color Blindness Can Affect Learning: Take Our Color Blind Test For Kids

Modern Eyeglass Lenses Are Powered By Technology

What Makes Da Vinci Eyeglass Lenses Different?

Keep Your Eyes Open for Exclusive Designer Frames from Bard Optical

Fight Computer Eye Strain with Clear Blue Lenses

Kids, Put Those Designer Reading Glasses On and Hit the Books!

Do These 7 Things for Vision Health in May

Sunglasses Keep Your Eyes Safe from UV Rays

4 Reasons to Wear Sports Goggles

4 Common Symptoms of Eye Allergies

No Doubt You'll Want To Try These New Gwen Stefani Glasses

6 Things to Consider When Picking Out Designer Glasses

Don’t Fall Victim to Computer Eye Strain

4 Great Qualities All Vision Doctors Should Share

Looking for an Eye Doctor? Bard Optical Has 21 Central Illinois Locations

Eye of the Tiger and 15 Other Times Eyes Invaded Pop Culture

Suns Out, Shades On: UV Light and Eyes

Start Using These 10 Vision Care Tips Today

Why Glaucoma Testing is More Important As You Age

Finding Designer Frames That Fit Your Outfit and Haircut

Eye Allergies Are Now in Season

How Designer Glasses Complete Your Look

Show Your St. Patty's Pride With Colored Contacts

Shaquille O'Neal Eyewear is Larger Than Life

Save Your Vision Month: Why You Need A Yearly Eye Exam

8 Things You Need to Know About Workplace Eye Wellness

National Nutrition Month: Food For Sight

Vision Exams Need Eye Doctor Tools 

What Professional Eye Care Means to Bard Optical

12 Unexpected Scenarios Where You Need Eye Protection

5 Eye Care Services You'll Find at Bard Optical

Wearing Your Sunglasses in Winter is Like Taking a Mini Vacation

4 Ways a Pair of Designer Glasses Can Boost Your Confidence

Randy Jackson Eyewear and Other Celebrity Brands You Need to Know

10 Tips for Caring for Your Eyeglass Lenses

Try Our Color Blind Test for Kids

Where to Find the Best Eye Doctors in Central Illinois

4 More Reasons to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

What’s On Your Plate? A Guide to Eating Right for Healthy Vision

10 Reasons to Get a Vision Exam in 2017

Vision For Life: Meaning Behind the Motto

Top Trends for 2017 Eyewear

Preventing Eye Injuries in Sports

7 Industries Where Eye Protection is Critical

Wear Designer Glasses at These 12 Events in 2017

8 Ways Shaquille O'Neal Eyewear Dunks on Expectations

20 Ways to Make 2017 Your Best Year Yet

What Family Eye Care Means to Bard Optical

Sunglasses and 12 Other Last-Minute Stocking Stuffers

Prevent Eye Injury: 10 Toys for Kids to Avoid

Why Bard Optical is The Ideal Family Eye Center

10 Books to Put Your Designer Reading Glasses to Use

7 Reasons to Wear Your Sunglasses in the Winter

How an Annual Eye Exam and Glasses Can Improve Your Health

What to Expect During Your Vision Exam [Infographic]

What is Dry Eye? 6 Symptoms You Need to Know

How To Care For Contact Lenses

Minor Eye Injury? There Is No Such Thing

Why Designer Glasses Make the Perfect Christmas Gift

Shop Local this Small Business Saturday

Randy Jackson Eyewear is Now at Bard Optical

Why It's Cool to Wear Sunglasses in Winter

Know the Risks: Diabetic Eye Disease Month

14 Things Eye Care Specialists Wish You Knew

7 Things The Best Eye Centers In Illinois Have In Common

Bifocal Glasses Versus Progressive Glasses

Wear Prescription Frames? Try These Halloween Costumes with Glasses

Giving Back to the Community in Rock Island

Dr. Nicole Jensen, New Associate Director of Professional Relations

Laser Eye Surgery Costs Too Much: What To Do Instead

What Designer Glasses Say About Your Personality

Pair These Designer Frames With Your Pumpkin Spice Latte

Where to Find Calvin Klein Designer Glasses in Washington

What to Do When You Have an Eye Injury

12 Eye Care Tips From Your Optometrist In Sterling

Why You Can't See Far Away

Find Glasses in Springfield at Bard Optical

4 Tips For Your Teen's First Contact Lenses

Celebrate World Sight Day with Bard Optical

4 Reasons Bard Optical Is The Best Eye Doctor in Rock Island

6 Advanced Eye Care Tips For Gamers

Where to Find Nike Designer Glasses in Pontiac

Child Struggling in School? Consider an Eye Exam and Glasses

4 Things to Consider When Choosing An Eye Doctor in Peru

5 Hottest Brands In Designer Glasses Today

4 Places to Find Designer Glasses In Peoria

Does Clark Kent Wear Prescription Glasses?

4 Things You Did Not Know About Your Eye Doctor In Pekin

5 Common Eye Doctor Tools Used During Your Eye Exam

Where to Buy Designer Glasses In Normal

6 Daily Things to Do For Better Eye Health Care

3 Questions to Ask Your Eye Doctor in Lincoln

5 Timeless Styles of Designer Glasses

4 Facts About the Best Optometrist in Jacksonville

What is 2020 Vision?

Bring Your Whole Family to an Eye Doctor in Galesburg

3 Reasons Shaquille O'Neal Eyewear is a Slam Dunk

4 Reasons to See Your Eye Doctor in Forsyth

How to Pick Designer Glasses That Will Complement Your Face

Troublesome Eyes? 5 Signs You Should See An Eye Doctor in East Peoria

3 Reasons Why Glaucoma Testing is Important

4 Facts About the Best Optometrist in Decatur

Best Places to See Fireworks in Champaign 2016

Bard Optical's Eye Doctor in Canton Says "You Must See These 4 Parks"

6 Family Eye Care Tips for the Summer

A Local Eye Doctor in Washington Gives Back to the Community

Download Our Color Blind Test for Kids

5 Facts About the Best Optometrist in Sterling

Dig Those Designer Frames! 9 Movie Characters Who Rocked Crazy Glasses

6 Beautiful Sights to See in Springfield

Cute Pictures of Cats with Glasses

Where to Find Ray-Ban Designer Glasses in Rock Island

5 Ways Bard Optical’s Staff Works Together to Provide Advanced Eye Care

5 Things You Didn't Know About The Best Optometrist in Pontiac

Fox’s Empire: Cookie Lyon’s Most Outlandish Designer Frames

Find Shaquille O'Neal Eyewear at Bard Optical

Use Your Flex Dollars For Glasses in Peru

Can’t See Out Of Your Left Eye? Here Are Some Common Eye Problems It Could Be

The Best Eye Care Specialists in Pekin

8 Celebrities That Look Better With Prescription Eyeglasses

How to Insert Contact Lenses and Other Tips

4 Things To Consider When Choosing An Eye Doctor In Normal

Is That Red... or Purple? 7 Color Blindness Facts You've Never Heard Before.

Save Serious Cash on Glasses in Lincoln

A Decade of Improving Vision at Grand Prairie

Why Stephen Colbert Wears Different Pairs of Prescription Glasses

5 Must See Landmarks in Jacksonville

How To Get Eye Exam Coupons From Bard Optical

Beautiful Sights To See in Galesburg

Does Your Insurance Cover a Routine Eye Exam and 4 More Questions Answered

6 Work Habits That May Cause Eye Strain

The Best Eye Care Specialists in Forsyth

Laser Eye Surgery Cost is Steep: 4 Eye Care Alternatives

Where to Find Designer Glasses in East Peoria

4 Celebrities You Never Knew Wore Contact Lenses

4 Things To Consider When Choosing an Eye Doctor in Peoria

6 Tips For Choosing The Best Eye Care Center For Your Family

Save Money on Glasses in Decatur

Claire Underwood Rocks Ray-Ban Prescription Eyeglasses On Netflix’s ‘House Of Cards'

10 Facts About The Best Optometrist in Champaign

The Best Eye Care Specialists in Canton

OMG Becky... Look... At Those Designer Frames

Diabetes & Your Eye Health : What You Need to Know

Sports Eye Safety Month

Congratulations Symantha & Isaiah!

Children's Eye Health & Safety

UV Safety Month

Healthy Vision Month

Spring/Summer Style Trends

Stress Less This April

Bite Into a Healthy Lifestyle

Go Red for Women

Fashion Forecast 2015

Stay Safe This Holiday Season

Diabetic Eye Disease

Eye Injury Prevention

Healthy Aging

Keeping an Eye on Technology

Children's Eye Health and Safety

Fireworks Safety Month

Cataract Awareness Month

Healthy Vision Month

Children’s Eye Health

How Can Glaucoma Affect You?

AMD Awareness Month