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Cold Weather Means It's Time to Put Your Designer Reading Glasses to Use

January 25, 2018
When it’s cold outside, going out is a bit more of an arduous task. Putting on layer after layer to simply step outside sometimes seems like more trouble than it is worth. It’s much easier to stay inside and find activities around the house. Your home probably doesn’t have all the attractions your town does, so finding something […]

Looking for Eye Centers in Illinois? There's a Bard Optical Near You!

January 22, 2018
No matter where you live in Illinois, there is surely a Bard Optical eye office near you! Bard has numerous eye centers across the Land of Lincoln, and if there isn’t one in your town, there is one within driving distance. Bard tries to ensure that their offices are spread throughout the state so that they can be accessed from anywhere. […]

Injuries to the Eye Can't Be Ignored: What You Can Do

January 18, 2018
You may think that a small irritation to your eye is no big deal. Maybe you’re having some minor scratching or pain when you blink or shut your eye. Generally, things like this have a simple answer, such as an eyelash stuck in your eye. However, what if your eye is still in pain for several days? Or if you take damage to the eye? How […]

4 Causes For Sudden Blurry Vision

January 15, 2018
Have you ever had a sudden bout of blurry vision for seemingly no reason? Does it seem to happen fairly frequently, or is it more sporadic? This is not a normal phenomenon, and you should seek out advice from your optometrist or regular physician as soon as you can. Here are four of the reasons, besides needing a prescription, why you may […]

Eyeglass Lenses: a Brief History Lesson

January 11, 2018
This question has most likely crossed your mind before: how did eyeglass lenses come about? They are, after all, a complicated bit of technology that we have developed. They must have taken centuries to develop, and that is an accurate thought.[…]

Eye Exam Coupons and More: 3 Ways to Save on Vision Care

January 08, 2018
For those of us who wear glasses or contacts, the expenses of maintaining them can pile up. Having to visit your optometrist and get a vision exam annually isn’t cheap, and at Bard Optical, we understand that. However, we still strongly recommend that, even for those who don’t have a prescription, a regular visit to the eye doctor is […]

Start the New Year Right: Download our Color Blind Test For Kids

January 04, 2018
When kids being attending school, they have a lot of new problems and worries. They may be concerned with completing homework, making friends, or playing new games. One thing they should not have to worry about is their vision. Many kids have glasses, but how many peers of theirs are color blind? Is your child at risk for being color blind?[…]

5 New Year's Resolutions to Make For Your Vision Health

January 01, 2018
Making a New Year’s Resolution is something that many of us have trouble sticking to. Whether we tell ourselves we’re going to exercise more, eat better, or read a book, it can sometimes get hard to follow through with the decision to change our lives. But what if the change you’re making is so small that you won’t even know you made it? […]