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Why a Dilated Eye Exam is Important

March 29, 2018
Most comprehensive eye exams are made up of multiple parts. There are tests on the sharpness of your vision, and the classic “eye cover” test. Eye physicians often test for things like glaucoma as well during your visit. One of the most crucial parts of the exam is the dilation, where your optometrist will dilate your pupils in an effort to […]

4 Unexpected Times You Need Eye Protection

March 26, 2018
You may think eye protection isn’t always necessary, especially when doing some standard chores around your house or workplace. However, eye protection is an important thing to consider before doing a few choice tasks. Here are four of the times you may be forgetting to wear safety glasses, but should be![…]

The First 3 Things You Need to Do For an Injured Eye

March 22, 2018
If you were to come across a situation where someone (or yourself) had an injured eye, would you know what to do? What sorts of measures should you take to ensure you can keep sight in the injured eye? Many people don’t know the proper safety precautions for injured eyes, but there are a few things that everyone should be aware of. Here are […]

4 Things to Consider When Choosing New Designer Frames

March 19, 2018
If you’re in the market for choosing new frames, you have a tall task ahead of you. Bard Optical has a multitude of frames to choose from, so the process can be somewhat overwhelming if you haven’t considered what you want, or what you need from your frames. To help you make the decision, here are four things to consider when choosing new […]

How to Take Care of Contact Lenses: 6 Mistakes to Avoid

March 15, 2018
Have you ever considered making the switch from glasses to contacts? And after you’ve made this switch, do you find yourself questioning how to take care of them properly? Glasses, while easier to maintain, aren’t for everyone. We all have specific lifestyle choices or preferences that would make contacts (or glasses) a preferred choice. […]

Save Money on Eye Exam Price at Bard Optical

March 12, 2018
Eye exams can get costly depending on the different services you and your family may need. At Bard Optical, we understand that not everyone can afford the cost and therefore skip their annual visit. We encourage everyone to come in once a year to get their vision examined, and we are here to prove that! If you are worried about eye exam […]

5 Unusual Sights to See in Illinois

March 08, 2018
Next time you get your eyes examined, remember what having sight is all about. It’s a privilege to be able to experience the natural world around us, so we might as well enjoy it! In Illinois in particular, there’s plenty of beautiful and unusual things to see after your visit to your local Bard Optical. Here’s five of our top suggestions […]

Cats in Glasses and More: 10 Cute Critters in Glasses

March 05, 2018
Has the weather this winter season been making you feel blue? It’s hard to stay positive in the cold weather, especially on gray and cloudy days. But fear not, here are TEN adorable pictures of animals in glasses to brighten your day! Get ready for cats in glasses and MORE:[…]