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Eye Exam Chart or Snellen Chart? 5 Official Names for Eye Exam Tools

June 28, 2018
Whenever you go to get your eyes examined, you’re used to seeing a few different pieces of equipment that help you and your eye care professional figure out information about your eye health and whether or not you’ll be needing a new prescription.[…]

Are Eye Floaters Dangerous? Know the Facts

June 25, 2018
Eye floaters come in all shapes and sizes. They can be spots, threads, rings, cobweb or even spider shapes—or virtually any other form.[…]

An Unofficial Ranking of Elton John's Glasses

June 21, 2018
Sunglasses serve a few different purposes. The one they are designed to serve is as eye protection from the sun, but within the last few decades, they have become more prevalent as a fashion statement.[…]

What is Diabetic Retinopathy?

June 18, 2018
Both Type 1 and Type 2 diabetes come with many associated health concerns. Eye health is one of the primary areas of concern.[…]

What Does Chlorine Do to Your Eyes?

June 14, 2018
It’s finally summertime![…]

Protect Your Eyes: How to Avoid a Corneal Abrasion

June 11, 2018
An abrasion is a scratch.[…]

UV Protective Glasses: 3 Options For Saving Your Eyes

June 07, 2018
Summer and increased sun exposure, along with general time spent outside, go hand-in-hand. It’s important to protect your eyes during the time you spend outside because prolonged sun exposure can damage your eyes in the long run.[…]

4 Common Causes of Conjunctivitis

June 04, 2018
Conjunctivitis is the most common eye disease.[…]