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Eyes in Culture: 4 Examples of the Significance of Sight

August 30, 2018
From pure superstitions to real medical knowledge, cultures all over the world have placed a significance on eyes and vision.[…]

8 Shareable Facts About Eyes

August 27, 2018
Eyes are small parts of humans and animals, but they are fascinating.[…]

5 Signs You Have Presbyopia

August 23, 2018
The inability to focus on text or objects up close is a sign that you may have presbyopia.[…]

What Causes Retinal Detachment?

August 20, 2018
If you’re experiencing floaters, light flashes in your eye, or a shadow or curtain in your peripheral vision, you may be experiencing retinal detachment.[…]

4 Ways to Prepare for Your Next Eye Exam

August 16, 2018
You’ve made the decision to schedule your next eye exam. This is great news. We love meeting new patients, and we are always excited to see returning patients.[…]

What is an Eye Stye?

August 13, 2018
An eye stye closely resembles a pimple on your eyelid.[…]

5 Reasons to See Your Optometrist Before School Starts

August 09, 2018
Children demand a lot from their eyes. They need to be able to see so they can safely get to school, understand concepts learned in the classroom, do their homework, and participate in extracurricular activities.[…]

Celebrate Children's Eye Health and Safety Month

August 06, 2018
August is great time of year to celebrate Children’s Eye Health and Safety Month.[…]