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That’s Wild! 8 Cool Facts About Animal Eyes

November 29, 2018
Animal eyes are as weird and wonderful as rest of the animal kingdom's collection of unique adaptations—from the elephant's trunk and the giraffe's neck to the electric eel's charge and the echolocation of bats. Read on for eight fun facts about creature vision that will open your eyes wide with amazement.[…]

What is Blue Light? 3 Things You Need to Know

November 26, 2018
  What time of day do you generally do the following things? Watch TV to relax Play video games Check social media Pay bills or shop online Catch up on the news Use your smartphone to text, read, or play games Do homework at the computer We’re guessing that you, like most people, generally do these things in the evening hours. And in fact, […]

Bard Optical is Thankful You’ve Chosen ‘Vision For Life’

November 22, 2018
“Vision for Life” is our focus at Bard Optical. We are so very glad to be serving people in this important way. Helping our patients maintain good vision for the long-term is a mission we take seriously. While we understand how precious good eyesight is to people young and old, we also want you to know how precious our patients are to us at […]

6 Activities Where Your Vision Affects Performance

November 19, 2018
For people other than optometrists and ophthalmologists, it may seem like vision is a simple issue of clarity versus blurriness. Unless things are too blurry to see well, you think you can skip annual visits to the eye doctor. However, it’s not that simple.[…]

Put These 5 Foods on Your Thanksgiving Table for Better Eye Health

November 15, 2018
As the holiday that celebrates bounty, Thanksgiving is not a time to hold back at mealtime. Fortunately, there are foods that are as healthy as they are delicious. All of these options have nutrients that are beneficial for your eyes and delicious for your tastebuds.[…]

Online Eye Exams Can’t Replace a Visit to Your Eye Doctor

November 12, 2018
Like many emerging technologies, online eye exams have advantages and disadvantages. The primary advantage is convenience: patients can complete the exam in their own home without going to a medical office.[…]

What Your Eyes Can Reveal About Your Overall Health

November 08, 2018
Sherlock Holmes, Dr. Gregory House, The Mentalist, Psych detective Shawn Spencer—much of the appeal of these larger-than-life brainiac characters comes from their ability to notice mundane details. These details seem perfectly innocuous and routine to the rest of us, but the characters then connect those details to much broader and more […]

Diabetic Eye Disease Awareness Month: Know The Facts

November 05, 2018
We rely on our sense of sight more than any other sense. At Bard Optical, we strive for “Vision for life”—including all stages of life. While aging does come with some unavoidable vision issues, many are preventable.[…]