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20 Great Ways to Support Your Vision Health in 2020

December 05, 2019
Good vision health practices are an important part of keeping your eyesight healthy for as long as possible, and it is never too late to make healthy vision a top priority in your life. In fact, the beginning of a new year is the perfect time to start taking better care of your eyes![…]

4 Facts to Learn For Diabetic Eye Disease Month

November 28, 2019
Diabetic eye diseases like diabetic retinopathy affect nearly 8 million Americans, with that number being projected to rise to 14 million by the year 2050. Diabetic retinopathy specifically is the most common cause of blindness among adults in the United States. Diabetic Eye Disease Month is all about making folks aware of the dangers of […]

Can Vaping Harm Your Vision?

November 25, 2019
It is common knowledge nowadays that smoking has all kinds of adverse health effects, including adverse effects on the eyes. But, the question has lingered among the medical and scientific communities since the start of its trend a couple years ago on how exactly vaping fits into that frame. […]

Eye Pressure Symptoms: What To Watch For

November 21, 2019
Eye pressure buildup can be a painful and irritating experience. Anyone who’s familiar with eye pressure will tell you that it can ruin your motivation just as fast as a headache or a toothache.[…]

What Are Microaneurysms?

November 18, 2019
Microaneurysms are an eye condition that usually manifests in the form of tiny red dots within the eye, usually surrounded by yellow rings that are the result of vascular leakage. Microaneurysms have no other signs or symptoms, and do not affect vision in any way.[…]

Eye Drops: What They Do and What Kinds Are Available

November 14, 2019
Whether they are a product of the changing weather, or a symptom of a larger issue, most of us have probably experienced dry eyes at some point in our lives. Dry eyes is a common condition that has left many folks around the world feeling annoyed, restless, and irritated. […]

What is an Optic Nerve Pit?

November 11, 2019
Optic nerve pit, also called optic disc pit is a depression of the optic disc, which is the result of a malformation during the eye’s development. […]

What Studies Have Revealed About Shark Eyes

November 07, 2019
Our curiosity with sharks, and other aquatic creatures, is a fascination that has enveloped us long before Shark Week was around. A large part of this curiosity comes from the fact that even though we have studied the ocean and all its marvelous creatures for so long, we still know very little about the things that inhabit the deep. […]

4 Reasons to Avoid Eye Modification

November 04, 2019
Body modification enthusiasts have long aimed to push the boundaries of tattoos, piercings, and the like to the limit. However, one such body modification trend might have pushed the envelope a little too far. […]

What is a Visual Field Test?

October 28, 2019
Visual field tests are used as a method of measuring a patient’s complete scope of vision. Not only does this test the individual’s central vision, but it measures the strength of their peripheral vision as well.[…]