It’s Contact Lens Health Week: Are You Taking Care of Your Lenses?

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August 12, 2019, by Bard Optical


Approximately 45 million Americans wear contacts, which makes Contact Lens Health Week an important occasion!

What better time is there than Contact Lens Health Week to discuss the never-ending journey of taking care of your contacts? 

So, without further ado, let’s discuss how to take proper care of your contacts, and some important things that all contact-wearers should know!


Tips for Taking Care of Your Contacts

Here are a few tips that every contact wearer should know:

  • Before applying or removing your contacts, make sure to wash and dry your hands thoroughly!
    • This can keep debris from your hands from contaminating your contacts, and transferring to your eyes.
  • Don’t wear your contacts to bed.
    • They can dry out in your eyes, and become infected. In very serious cases, it can even damage eyesight.
  • Remove your contacts before showering, swimming, or any activity where water could get in your eyes.
    • This could also dry out the contacts and irritate your eyes.
  • Don’t use expired solution, someone else’s solution, or any other liquid in place of solution.
    • Using regular water instead of solution won’t properly lubricate the contacts, and will irritate your eyes, and dry out the contacts.
  • Never use your mouth to clean your contacts.
    • Saliva is not sterile.

Additionally, a common question for contact lens wearers may be, “are my contacts inside out”? There is a simple trick you can do anywhere to make sure that you’re wearing your contacts the right way. 

Simply place the lens as you have it on the tip of your finger upside down, so that the open side is facing up. Then observe the lens, if the lens forming a perfect bowl shape, as it would normally fit into your eye, your contact is correct. 

If the contact is inside out, if will appear to bow in the middle, with the edges flared out. The difference can be subtle, but any curvature in the shape of the contact on your finger means your contact lens is most likely inside out.


When is it Time for New Contacts?

There are several signs to look for if you think you might be due for a new pair of contact lenses, such as:

Expired Lenses

The expiration date is the easiest way to gauge how much time you have left with your lenses.

Warping Lenses

If your lenses start warping into weird shapes, it could be that the plastic is giving out, and it’s time for a new pair.

Irritation of your Eye

If your contacts are starting to bug you, or irritate your eyes, you should see about getting a new pair.

A New Prescription

If your lenses appear to be in top shape, but you are still having trouble seeing, or they are still irritating you, it might be that you need to be checked for an updated prescription.

These tips and factoids serve as only a small portion of the endless bits of information available to you as a contact wearer. 

Regardless, it is as important during Contact Lens Health Week as it is during the rest of the year to stay informed about the best ways to take care of your contacts, and your eyes!

Don’t forget, if you have specific questions about your contacts, or you think you may benefit from having contacts, talk to your local eye doctor today!


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