Troublesome Eyes? 5 Signs You Should See An Eye Doctor in East Peoria

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July 11, 2016, by Bard Optical

When should you see an eye doctor in East Peoria? 

The answer can vary, depending on the person. Generally, it's recommended that an individual get a thorough eye exam at least once per year. Even if you are on that schedule, there are some signs that you need to pay another visit. If you're not seeing your optometrist once a year, pay particular attention to item #1:

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1. It's been longer than a year

If you haven't seen an optometrist in over a year, it is time to set an appointment. Regular eye exams are a vital part of any healthcare regimen. Performing an eye exam allows an eye doctor to help improve and maintain your vision. But, the eyes are also a window into your overall health. A routine eye exam can reveal larger health issues hidden beneath the service. Practicing regular vision care is a great, preventative way to protect yourself from all kinds of ailments. Seeing an eye doctor in East Peoria should be priority #1 if you haven't seen an optometrist in over a year. 

2. You're squinting 

Squinting can get old quickly. If you can't watch TV, read street signs, or make out addresses without squinting your eyes, you need to see an eye doctor. Squinting puts great strain on the eyes, but it's also a wildly ineffective way of momentarily "fixing" your poor eyesight. If your squinting, it means that you need true vision correction. Going to see an eye doctor for a comprehensive exam will reveal how badly your sight is compromised and what your options are for addressing it. A comfortable pair of contacts or a stylish pair of frames will be a big improvement over squinting. 

3. You have blurry vision 

Blurry vision can be a warning sign of trouble. If you notice that your vision is blurred in any way (whether it comes and goes, is only happening in one eye, etc.), it's important to visit an optometrist in East Peoria for a professional exam and opinion. Taking warning signs seriously is critical for maintaining good health. If you're experiencing blurred vision, don't delay in setting an appointment with an eye doctor. An optometrist will be able to give you answers on what the cause of the blurriness is and how you can find relief. 

4. You're experiencing pain or fatigue 

The most common motivator in seeking healthcare is pain. If your knee hurts, you call the doctor. Eyes are no different. If you find that your eyes are red, stinging, strained, fatigued, dry, itchy, swollen, or your vision is obstructed, make an appointment with an eye doctor today. Your eyes are sensitive and require skilled care. Vision care should be ongoing. If you do not currently have a patient-doctor relationship established, now is the time. Even is the pain is a 'level 2' and not a 'level 10,' it's still a good idea to have an optometrist check them out. 

5. You're sensitive to light

Unusual light sensitivity can be a sign of bigger vision issues. In general, all eyes are sensitive to sudden changes in light. But, if you notice that you're having particular trouble seeing in the light or the dark, it's a good idea to visit an eye doctor in East Peoria. Your vision is hugely important to your quality of life. No matter what is bothering your eyes, it's worth a trip to an optometrist. 

If any of the previous 5 signs apply to you, find an eye doctor in East Peoria today and make an appointment!

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